deployable research

next step, design research

this new part is the first bit of design research. 

deployable structures are explored, organized and analyzed. 


analysis is based on the means of deployment and the structures are therefore organized as inflatable, tension structures (stored stress, prestress, tensegrity), Shape Memory Materials-based structures, and mechanisms (SLEs, Origami, coilable rod-based structures, expandohedra). 

as i was searching the web for interesting stuff, i found this nice video by D. Piker, showcasing origami, tension and linkage-based deployable structures. cool.

this is a different application of such structures, based on pantographic elements, not for foldability but for movement. by artist Theo Jansen

and this is how it works

download 09 file to have a look at the entire thesis as is now. 10 file is the dedicated chapter, concerning deployable structures. Lots of pictures in there too.


almost finished | part two
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deployable structures | design research
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    Rob (Monday, 16 August 2010 21:30)

    Very nice. Although I think he's a little obsessed