if my first chair was a research project..

...it would now be finished. the fun part is all thats left! 

this text is the last-before-final version of the conference center analysis research and its outcomes. It can be used as an independent research for designing a conference chair in general, or for designing interiors in hotels and conference centers. 


it consists of the chair/conference center chapter, where history, development, ergonomics and market research are analyzed for the chair, while history, types of conferences and their needs, chair configurations and general rules are described for the conference centers. 


the 2nd chapter describes the on-the-field research i did in a central conference organizing athens hotel, which focuses on how people work, what they are expected to do, what are the circumstances under which they are expected to do it, how important are the rules for them, which is the chain of action, how are chairs collected and transfered, how are they put in place, what other artifacts are involved in the process and what is their role..and so on.


3rd chapter is a double questionnaire research carried out in research, educational and conference centers in athens as well as one conference-as-well-as-exhibition organizing museum. first questionnaire was abut the organizations needs, goals and ways, as well as a crosschecking for the 2nd chapter findings on workers way of working.

the second one was given to the attendants of the conferences and asked them about comfort, access, space, aesthetics, visual access and so on. It also asked them to comment on their experience and propose what was missing.

the 2 questionnaires gave me valuable insights for all the people involved in a conference, and also proved that indeed the conference organizing process is a long and difficult procedure which needs to focus and combine the wants and needs of two opposing groups, organizers and attendants.


4th chapter is an overview of the whole process described, a sum up of the out comes and the design directions they gave. From this, the brief is shaped and explained. Based on that, and the overall goals of this design project the design directions are put into order and their relevant importance is set.


almost finished | part one
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