crisis crisis

Paulo Coelho said that the biggest obstacle occurs just before you reach your goal. If that is true, i am just about to become a great, wellknown and super selling designer. Or at least, finish my first chair.

when my laptop's battery got as swallen as a freshly baked cake, i thought, well, ok, i ll get a new one. When a week later i got stuck in Milan, i said, well, ok, i ll just take the boat and see it as a great experience. but when i came back to find a non responding macbook on my desk, i thought someone must be joking. and when i heard the price for a new motherboard, i thought that this person and humor never really met.

but as all the great books advice, -after i put my zanax on the higher self- i decided to see this as an opportunity. And since internet was unaccesible, i dont have a tv, and i cant afford any more holidays  -neither financially nor time wise-, i went through my thesis again, retouched my text and drew many diagrams (by hand that is)


then i realised that things are getting better, and my beloved mr Jobs and his crew were willing to pay for my faulty board.

And because i am greek, and because i m a creative, and because i m a person who loves organizing just so that i ll just disregard my schedule alltogether, i found my self under a very, very productive pressure. 


as i am 2 weeks later back on my computer, transfering a pencil on paper text on a byte on chip format, i am very very happy to say that i m half way there(not to the great designer thing, the other one.)


i ll be back next week with the outcomes of my creative stress syndrom.

untill then, enjoy your computer and your internet connexion







my friend Christina sent me this pic. ok, ok, it wasnt that bad  ;-)

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